The best web hosting companies in Kenya 2023 tested

The Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya-tested

Web hosting is an essential component of any website since it makes it accessible on the internet 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

In this article I’ve compiled a list of the best web hosting companies in Kenya, from my personal experience hosting websites with them, and from other customer reviews and recommendations.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to the service that allows websites to be published live on the internet.

For a website to be live it need to be stored on a server that is connected to the internet, and runs 24/7.

This is what web hosting companies provide.

It involves storing of the website files and database on a server.

When a user types in a website’s domain name in a web browser, the hosting server delivers the requested website files, enabling the user to view the website.

I have mentioned the term “Domain name” above so,

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address that users type into their web browsers to access a website.

In short it’s the name of your website. eg We as TymesTech our Domain name is

The domain names consist of two main parts:

i) the domain itself e.g, Tymestech.

ii) the extension (e.g: , .com).

Here’s a list of factors to consider when buying a domain name in Kenya.

List of the best web hosting companies in kenya 2023

1. Hostpinnacle Kenya

About an year ago I bought a hosting package from the hostpinnacle company. The shopping experience was smooth, from finding their website, adding product to cart and checkout. They offer mpesa payment which is very efficient in kenya.

What I loved most about them is how fast your hosting account gets activated. it took about 10 minutes and i could access the cpanel.

I found the cpanel account very friendly to use even for beginners. They use the latest cpanel version with premium features.

If you would like to buy a domain name and hosting from HostPinnacle click here.


Pro’s of HostPinnacle

  • Affordable prices- their cheapest package goes for KSh. 2999 for a whole year. This Price is quite affordable and extremely competitive.
  • Best Value – Even with the cheapest package you get 35Gb of fast SSD hosting, A free domain for lifetime, unlimited websites email accounts, databases and files.
  • Free M-pesa intergration– M-pesa intergration in kenya is very expensive, developers charge from ksh 5000-30000 for this, but hostpinnacle offers this for free.

Cons of HostPinnacle

  • The free domain name is tied to your account, it’s only active if you pay for your package.
  • Their home page loads slowly.
  • Sometimes the servers a bit slow.

2. Truehost

I’m currently running another website powered by truehost web hosting company in Kenya, all I can say is their service is very satisfactory.

For this article, I did a little background check of the company and i discovered that Truehost is owned by the parent company Ryanada.

Truehost is not only found in Kenya, but it instead serves a global market.

I found their servers to be fast with an uptime of 99.9% as they claim. In short I don’t remember experiencing a downtime.

The hosting account is activated fast after payment is received, usually in less than 30 minutes.

Their prices are quite low and competitive, starting from Ksh. 2000 annually for the cheapest hosting package and domain starting from ksh. 1000 annually.

Visit truehost website

Pros of Truehost

  • Affordable prices starting from ksh. 2000 per year for hosting only and ksh. 1000+ for domain name.
  • Fast servers with almost zero downtime.
  • Professional customer care service, they respond very fast.
  • They have served many clients locally and international, hence can be trusted.
  • They offer a free website builder known as Ollit.
  • Latest and powerful cpanel.
  • Free ssl certificate
  • 30GB of fast SSD storage even for the cheapest package plus unlimited resources eg email, database, inodes and traffic.

Cons of Truehost

  • Domain name costs extra, hence you pay more for both domain and hosting.
  • Their homepage loads very slowly.

3. Itexperts kenya

As an active customer of Itexperts Kenya, i have found their service to be great and most importantly affordable.

They have a quick response rate on their whatsapp, hence fixing any issues you would encounter.

They provide their customers with a user friendly cpanel.

Their prices are very affordable, especially for small businesses, starting from ksh. 1200 annually for hosting and ksh. 850 for a domain. So far they have the cheapest service on my list🤓

Visit Itexperts kenya website

Pros of Itexperts

  • Very affordable price staring from ksh. 1200 annually for hosting and ksh 850 for a domain name.
  • Extremely secure service since it’s mandatory to setup a two step verification. Hence can’t be easily hacked.
  • Friendly customer care service on WhatsApp, that responds very fast.
  • Upto 10GB of Fast SSD storage even for the cheapest package.
  • Promo code that reduces price of domain to Ksh. 450. It’s FREEDMN.
  • Unlimited resources eg email accounts, domains, database, inodes and ftp accounts. Bandwidth is however limited but in a very generous amount.
  • Almost instant account activation after payment is received.
  • They offer very many other IT services available on their website.

Cons of Itexperts.

  • I did experience some downtime especially at night, but it’s fixed instantly after a whatsapp chat with them.
  • They have a limitation on the bandwidth you can use, it’s from about 500gb monthly which is very generous for most websites.

4. Shujaahost.

If you are a small business, or you’re just trying out, Shujaahost is your best option. This is because they offer hosting service in Kenya at the cheapest prices, starting at ksh. 799 you get 5GB of Fast SSD hosting to get you started.

However, they sell domain at a higher price.

Shujaahost provides their customers with a powerful DirectAdmin panel to manage their website, instead of a cpanel as seen above.

Visit shujaahost

Pros of Shujaahost.

  • Poweful yet user friendly DirectAdmin panel to manage your website.
  • Great customer care service
  • Cheapest web hosting company in Kenya, starting from ksh. 799 annually for 5Gb.

Cons of Shujaahost.

  • Limitations on bandwidth, though it’s perfect for most websites.
  • Extra fees for domain name registration.

Which are the best web hosting companies in kenya

the best web hosting companies in kenya are Truehost, HostPinnacle, Itexperts, Shujaahost, KenyaWebExperts.

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